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The Truth About Making Money Online... FAST!

"Finally... Here's What You REALLY Need To Make FAST CASH on the Internet!"

  • 11 proven techniques that anyone can use

  • Easy, straightforward and to-the-point methods

  • Powerful things "Internet Superstars" do every single day

Jim Edwards and David Garfinkel have done it again with their newest ebook, Immediate Money Immediately. The first 11 strategies opened my eyes to several things I hadn't thought of doing. The 10th strategy, called "Magic 100 technique" has my mind awhirl with possibilities and I can't wait to put it to use. As good as the 11 strategies are, the second part of the ebook where they show you advanced methods of combining and multiplying the effects of the strategies was mind blowing. This ebook will flat out add lots of money to my bank account.

Kenrick E. Cleveland
Author, "Maximum Persuasion"

From: Jim Edwards

Dear Friend,

It's enough to make you wanna puke!

You see all these people talking about how well they're doing on the Internet... almost like they single-handedly invented Internet marketing... selling "Internet money-making" products that promise the moon...

... but when you get down to it where the rubber meets the road, they can't tell you a single damned thing that makes any sense for you. Know what I mean? 

Yes, maybe some of them did make a boatload of money. Maybe it was their skill, maybe it was their luck, maybe the stars were aligned... who knows? You read their ebooks, you listen to their conference calls, you attend their seminars... and they leave you feeling high and dry because you still don't know exactly what to DO!

David Garfinkel and I were talking about this sad state of affairs one day. I could hear the tension mounting in his voice. Then, suddenly, he exploded...

"Enough is enough!"

After he calmed down a little, I provoked him further with a challenge:

"So what are you going to do about it?"

Expert as he is at throwing the ball back in my court, David said, "Jim, what we're going to do about it is write the ultimate PRIMER on how to make money on the Internet. No hype. No fluff. No wild-ass theories. Only the good stuff that works fast!"

"Just foolproof methods people can use, front and center, based on the simple things we know, from our own personal experience, will make them money!"

Here's what David really meant when he said
"Good Stuff"

David uses coaching metaphors when he gets really worked up.

Let me translate for you:

You know how when coaches recruit for a team when the season starts, they keep cutting players from the roster until they have only the best, fittest, most-likely-to-win athletes left on the team?

Well, oddly enough, it's the same thing with Internet marketing. Those of us who have been at it for years have tried everything imaginable. We've had to throw away nine out of every 10 things we've tried. Why? 

1) Either, they were just too damn complicated, high-maintenance, or expensive 

-- or --

2) They simply didn't work for anyone without a PHD in computer programming.

The few basic, reliable, and money-making tactics that were left -- the ones we keep using over and over every week in our own businesses -- are what David means when he says "the good stuff!"

"Here's a team that can make you rich: Jim Edwards is a master at making money online; David Garfinkel has extraordinary copywriting skills that consistently work in the competitive online arena. The secrets they reveal in this new book will open your eyes to options you may never have thought of -- that will put cash in your pocket FAST!" 

Joe Vitale, 
Author of numerous books, including the #1 best-seller "Spiritual Marketing"

That's how "Immediate Money Immediately" 
came about

What I've noticed is many people have it ass-backwards. 

They think fancy Web design... sneaky CGI "date" scripts... advanced copywriting techniques... whiz-bang shopping carts... and high listings on the search engines are the main things that are going to make them money.

NOT True!

If that were true, then the dot-coms would still be ruling the economy today, instead of being an embarrassing footnote in the history of the Internet. 

(And David and I would clearly be doing something else! )

Of course, just the opposite has happened. The dot-coms are gone, and we're continuing to prosper marketing on the Internet.

Here's the truth: All the advanced techniques I mentioned above, when used properly, really can boost your sales. 

The problem is... you need to have sales to begin with in order to have the money to do the expensive stuff (IF you decide you actually want to do those things later on).

In short, you've got to "crawl" before you can "walk" - "walk" before you can "Run!"

Pretty simple, huh?

But it's remarkable how so few people are doing these simple things that make the MOST money in the first place!

Where do WE get off telling YOU
how to make money online?

"If anyone knows about making money immediately online, it's David Garfinkel. The only other person who comes close is Jim Edwards. With the two of them putting their heads together, any reader of their wonderful ebook will know what they know."

Jay Conrad Levinson
Author, "Guerrilla Marketing" series of books
Over 14 million sold; now in 39 languages 

You're probably wondering - what gives David and me the right to tell you the fundamentals of making money online?

Results. That's all. We've got 'em. We're still getting 'em. Every day.

For example:

  • David wrote a simple email a little while back that brought in $50,000 cash within a week.

  • This year, I'm paying in income taxes (after taking every conceivable deduction possible) 4 times as much as I earned - total - 4 years ago. This income came from selling 8,439 copies of 9 online products last year.

  • David was recently the opening speaker at "Survival Tactics for Tough Times," a marketing conference including Joe Sugarman and Ted Nicholas as well as other famous speakers. In attendance were over 700 people who flew in from around the world to hear David's talk, "How to Write a Sales Letter Web Site That Kicks Ass!"

  • Despite my fee of $500/hour, I am constantly turning down requests for consulting. I simply don't have the time. But if I did, 90% of what I would tell people about Internet marketing is: "focus on the fundamentals" - and the fundamentals are exactly what you'll find in this book.

  • David recently wrote the sales letter Web site for an ebook, "How to Get Lots of Money for Anything - Fast!" and it made over $200,000 in five months.

  • I'm co-author of a best-selling ebook that has stayed at the top of ClickBank's general business-to-business category for over a year. I receive checks from the sales of 11 ebooks and other info products each month, and 6 others are also at the "Top 10" of their ClickBank categories.

And that's just a fraction of the results we've created. 

Many people tell me that my ebooks set the standard for the industry. David is widely known as "the world's greatest copywriting coach." We've probably given more people more "actionable" information (real stuff they can use right away, that actually works) than any other two Internet marketers you can think of. Our how-to articles are plastered all over the Web, and our products have sold online throughout the world. 

Hey - I could go on and on about our accomplishments, but I think you get the point. We've been there, we've done that, and now we're going to show you what we've learned... so you can do it for yourself simply and easily... and without the complicated "spins" everybody seems to want to put on this stuff!

Literally 3 hours before I read your ebook, I implemented 2 of your 11 strategies (not realizing that I would get your ebook just hours later, telling me that this is what I should be doing to make money). 

On Saturday I sent an email to my list. This email does 2 things: offer some great free info re: taxes (how to file an extension, how procrastinating can actually REDUCE the chance of an audit), and promotes an affiliate product that is a great match to my list -- a incredibly user-friendly bookkeeping software program that is designed specifically for small biz owners and self-employed people. 

I made over $500 from this email! That's the easiest $500 bucks I ever made! 

Wayne M. Davies, author, The Tax Reduction Toolkit

This is your invitation to join us on the
"money" side of the Internet!

Now that you see we actually practice what we preach and we rank among the most successful at providing easy-to-understand techniques that other people can (and do) use to make money online themselves, let's get down to brass tacks: what's in this book?

We start with 11 techniques. 

I'll be the first one to tell you that you've heard of some of these methods before. But I may be the only one to say flat out that most people are "in the dark" about exactly how to use them.

That's where "Immediate Money Immediately" sets itself apart from the great mass of other Internet marketing "fluff". We don't require any guesswork on your part or leave anything to chance. We show you in exact detail - with real-life illustrations and examples - what to do!

There are complete explanations - in plain, ordinary language - of the fine points that spell the difference between success and failure in marketing on the Web, including many sets of step-by-step instructions. We also place a high priority on things that cost little or nothing to develop or implement. 

This book is the "blueprint" you've been looking for for making money online without spending money to do it! 

Read just the first section and you'll know...

  • How I made a simple change to a Web site that instantly increased my sales by 250% - overnight!

  • A "dirt-simple" way to collect extra cash from your customers (I'll show you how I recently used this to create a "paid vacation" at one of the world's favorite leisure destinations! Paid vacations are no big deal when you have a salaried job... but how many self-employed people do you know who get them?)

  • How to massively increase sales of a "land-based" (non-Internet) business practically for free with this strategy most businesses never take advantage of.

  • The no-cost method to replicate your business - and your profits - all over the Internet!

  • Two ways to exponentially increase the selling power of your website sales copy that will instantly put more money in your pocket (and no, neither one of these have anything to do with changing the headline).

  • How there are high-tech "thieves" invisibly siphoning off as much as 30% of the profits you could be making online. Learn how to stop them cold!

  • Why "giving yourself away" can be the shortest route to online riches (but only if you know how to do it profitably).

  • How to increase your profit per sale by 27% or more!

  • The questions you should ask your customers that will lead you to unbelievable profits!

  • The "Magic 100" technique that gives you key marketing information worth its weight in gold!

  • The one marketing secret that gets hesitant prospects to start forking over their money - FAST!

Now, that's just a taste of what you'll learn from the 11 basic techniques in "Immediate Money Immediately." And that information alone will put you miles ahead of 99% of the people "trying" to market their products and services on the Internet... no matter what YOU sell!

But we didn't stop there!

The problem with many online businesses is that people learn a technique, use it, shake their head in awe... and go back to not making money anymore.

We'll show you how to avoid that syndrome by systematizing the 11 basic techniques. With this advice, you'll put them on automatic pilot so they'll continue to reap profits for you, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. That is, you take an action ONE TIME and get paid over and over... and over again!

Then, we'll reveal three key concepts to increase your profits even more. Are they as simple as anything you've ever heard of? You bet. Are you using them? I bet you're not. What kind of difference will they make for your business?

You'll see a case study where one Internet entrepreneur used these concepts and increased her profits by 77% -- without increasing traffic to her Web site by one single visitor, or spending another dime on anything else!

Could you do the same? Yes, you could... if you knew the secret!

Want to take your Internet profits to the next level?

We'll show you how...

OK. So now you know the 11 basic techniques... the key concepts and tactical applications of how to systematize these techniques... and the three key methods to maximize your profits without making any other changes.

What's next?

The 10 "Compound Interest" Techniques that give you mind-boggling applications of the basic techniques. 

This is where you multiply the power of individual techniques by combining them:

  • For example, we combined basic techniques 1 and 9 when we launched a Web site last year that rocketed to the top of the ClickBank Business-to-Business Category - and brought us in a cool $10,000 in a single week. Want to know how to use this "killer" technique yourself? We'll show you.

  • Interested in getting a reluctant joint venture partner to jump at the opportunity to do business with you? I'll show you how we combined two techniques and doubled the conversion rate of a joint-venture partner's list. Again, basic stuff, but little-known and very rarely practiced. And it works like crazy!

  • By using techniques 5 and 7 together, David was able to pre-sell customers on a product before they ever visited the Web site. We'll show you how he did it and explain the reasons behind it.

Let's summarize. You get the 11 basic, proven techniques... key information about how to systematize these techniques... three keys to increasing your profits without even getting any more traffic or spending an additional dime on anything... and, the 10 butt-kicking "Compound Interest" techniques.

All in all, 128 pages of from-the-field, hard-core, nitty-gritty information that can make you a lot of extra money... right away!

But we didn't stop there, either!

As we thought about it, we realized there are some other "basics" people need to know to get the most out of their Internet business. 

So we added these two important bonuses:

Bonus #1: "How to Make Lots of Money on the Internet... Even When You're Starting From Scratch!" 

There are both "beginner" and "advanced" techniques in this powerful 15-page bonus "Special Report". You'll discover how we both "started from scratch" and what we learned along the way. Particularly interesting is the simple - yet frequently overlooked - six-step process that will capture the attention (and cooperation) of major list owners to help you launch your own Internet business -- at no cost to you!

There are three key things you must keep in mind when approaching a list owner. Learn these points and you'll be the refreshing exception to most of the "annoying" people they are forced to deal with, day-in and day-out. I'll reveal the seven things I did that launched my career as a major player on the Internet. David chimes in with some valuable strategic advice. Just what you learn from this bonus alone can add many thousands of dollars to your Internet profits quickly.

Bonus #2: "The Single Greatest Cause of Failure While Doing Business on the Internet... and How to Avoid It!"

Yes, it's an attitude... and most people have a total "blind spot" when it comes to seeing how this attitude is getting in their way. We don't pull any punches in this straight-talk 9-page bonus "Special Report" - you'll understand what not to do, as well as learn the four causes of online business failure. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be able to navigate around this problem and keep your business steaming smoothly ahead!

How soon will you be ready for
a new level of success?

You really do have new opportunities presenting themselves every day... and many of them will pass you by unless you know what to look for and exactly what to do when they come along. 

We have gone "above and beyond" to give you the knowledge and the tools you need to start cashing in now on the huge Internet money-making opportunities staring you straight in the face!

You'd expect information like this to cost hundreds of dollars. Seminars with this kind of information run into the thousands and often don't get this specific. Individual consulting could cost you more than that. David and I have each paid 10s of thousands of dollars (and put in at least as many hours) learning, refining and perfecting what you will receive in this book.

So you will be shocked when you realize you can have everything I've just described for only $19.

That's right! A measly 19 bucks!

You may immediately ask, "If it's so good - why is it so cheap?"

A couple reasons, actually.

Because you deserve a better deal than you've been getting all these years. We know that thousands upon thousands of people are hungry for this information and, because of the state of the world and economy right now... we want to put it within reach of EVERYONE who NEEDS IT!

We're already making more money in a month than we've made in a year earlier in our lives. We could charge a lot for this information - in fact, many of our Internet friends are horrified at this low price and insisted (very vigorously) that we raise it - but we've made a decision:

It's time for sincere, hard-working people (like you) who want to learn how to make real money on the Internet to turn their businesses around. We want to do our part to make sure there's nothing standing in your way... not even the small price of an ebook.

To put the icing on the cake, we're also giving you this iron-clad, no-nonsense guarantee: 

Get "Immediate Money Immediately" right now and take a look. Try the information out. See if this isn't the most valuable, practical, easy-to-use AND implement money-making Internet marketing information on the planet... no matter what type of business you operate. If it isn't, let us know by email and we'll refund your money. All of it. For up to 30 days. It's that simple.

So really... you have nothing to lose and a whole list of money-making "recipes" to gain!

Finally! After all these years and many disappointing promises that didn't come true, you have "the straight scoop" from two guys who are not only successful doing it, but superb at teaching others to do it as well.

Go ahead and order now... and welcome to the world of profitable Internet marketing!

Order Today For Only,



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To Your Success,

Jim Edwards

P.S. When Internet marketing first started, I busted my butt trying to make a nickel and got very little reward for my effort. I spun my wheels and felt nothing but discouragement... in fact, looking back, I'm surprised I stuck with it.

David stayed away from everything Internet-marketing related like a cat avoiding a gushing faucet into a bathtub. The early days did not look very promising.

Then things got better. Before we even met each other, I started making big money on the Internet and David moved his business from direct mail and advertising over to the Web.

Today, in Williamsburg, Virginia, my wife Terri and I have a house and two car payments covered by the monthly commissions from just one of my 11 ebooks. Meanwhile, David, living in San Francisco, is so busy that he routinely turns down potential clients who want to pay him more for writing a few pages Web copy than most authors earn for an entire published book.

Hey - I know that may sound like shameless bragging. But listen - I'm telling you this only to make a point:

The Internet has been good to us. We've hit some rough patches of road along the way and we probably will again, but we've learned what works and here's your chance to learn it for less than most people pay for a hard-cover book on Internet marketing that leaves them more discouraged than when they started.

Ready for a change? 

Ready to learn how to really make money on the Internet? 

Every day that goes by is either an opportunity to make money or a missed opportunity for you.

What's it going to be? 

I think you know the answer... Order Now!