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TV Is Born

Television pounced upon the scene during one of the worst economic periods in our country’s history— the Great Depression. As a result, TV’s introduction to a potential viewing public went largely unnoticed. People had more than enough to do trying to provide for their families.

Despite that timing, a few people had a chance to view the future. That’s exactly what they thought TV was, but even they could not have dreamed of the successful industry television has become. With the advent of cable television, there are dozens of stations now competing for the viewer and showing an extraordinary range of programming from week to week.


Early on, there was only one station. NBC (The National Broadcasting Company) was the first to broadcast programs a few hours a week on the television set. It’s hard to imagine TV today on such a limited basis, but every industry has to start somewhere. Within a couple of years, there were a number of stations joined NBC and programming was expanded.

Television flourished in the fifties and new programming was the rage of the industry. Each year many of us looked forward to the introduction of new shows to watch along with our favorites held over from the previous programming year. Family gath¬erings around the TV set were common as more and more households obtained its own set.

Today, 100's of millions have a television sets, not to mention a (VCR) (DVD)
(TV Recorder Box), all to keep up with the latest offerings from a seemingly infinite number of channels. Satellite dishes have expanded viewing capability well past our normal limits.

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What does this mean to you? Simply put, here are your dollar-making opportunities. The television industry is already large, yet it is experiencing its most dramatic growth ever, thanks to the expanding cable television market. With growth comes needs— needs you could fulfill. If you watch TV a lot, and enjoy it, this chance is for you.

These opportunities are unlimited and it doesn’t matter where you reside or how far you progressed in school. No matter where you live, there is a cable television company with the ability to hook a television up to its service. Cable is ready, willing and expanding — and its profits show it. The government has recently focused on this industry simply because of the outrageous amounts of money it seems to be making. With cable advertising income closing in on the $4 billion dollar mark, this is an industry that hides no longer.

In fact, it has been shown that cable TV watchers tend to buy more goods and services than non-cable TV subscribers. Thus, companies are clamoring to get their advertising pitch out to these viewers, hoping for the best. It’s not just the Home Shop¬ping Network that’s doing well, but advertisers on all shows who are benefiting from this marketing boom. People who can afford cable television monthly rates are the ones who tend to consume more products anyway— and businesses know this

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