Do you love to shop, eat out and have fun with your family... But don't like to spend money? Then...

"...Discover How You Can Get Paid
To Shop, Eat Out, Go To The Movies, And Do All Sort Of Other Fun Things."


Dear Friend,

Yes, it's true.  You can actually get paid to do the things that you love to do already.  You can...

Get paid to shop

Get paid to eat

Get paid to go to the movies

It's seems unbelievable, but there are thousands of companies who would LOVE to pay you to shop at their stores, eat at their restaurants, go to their parlors, salons, amusement parks, and do all sorts of other FUN activities.

There are people out there actually making a full time, comfortable living doing these fun activities and getting paid for them.  It's a new craze sweeping the nation.  It's called "Mystery Shopping".

The ultimate "job" -
getting paid $10 to $40+ an hour
 to do what you love.

The amount of money you will make in mystery shopping depends on the company you work for, the job you select, how organized you are, and how fast you "work".  On average, mystery shoppers make around $10 to $40 an hour. 

Depending on these factors, the amateurs and part timers can easily make anything in the range of $250- $500 per month. And the serious people who take this business as a fulltime profession and those who make optimum utilization of their resources can easily make up to $1500 per month. There are examples of people who earn $3500 and more per month from this business.

Plus, there are other perks that make mystery shopping truly an ultimate job.  You get reimbursed for the food you eat, the "stuff" you buy, the movies you see, etc.. Here is an example of what happens:

  1. You go to a restaurant.

  2. You order their food and eat it.

  3. You take mental notes of the food, the service, the atmosphere, etc..

  4. Once you're out of the restaurant, you evaluate the service and fill out your feedback form.

  5. You send this form out to the company.

  6. The company send you back the money you spent on the food, any gas you spent to get there, plus a certain amount of money for your "work". 

So you ate the food, got your money back, plus some extra money for your efforts, all while having a good time.  This sounds like a great job to me. :)

Some more reasons why
 mystery shopping is great.

Work anytime you want.  You can work weekdays or weekends, or both.  And you can set your own hours.

You can bring your kids or family (perfect for stay at home moms and dads).  Just make sure they behave.

You can work as much or little as you want.  Just choose the jobs you feel like doing when you feel like doing them.  No pressure.

Work while you are on vacation.  There are tons of companies throughout US and Canada.  So you can work locally or nationwide.

It's fun.

Proof that mystery shopping works.

There are thousand of people doing mystery shopping assignments, and making nice extra money doing what they love.  Here is an excerpt from one of these success stories published in The Wall Street Journal:

"...Jennifer Voitle has mastered the Freebie Economy. A former investment-bank employee who was laid off two years ago, Ms. Voitle has found a new career in the arcane world of dining deals, gift certificates and "mystery shopping," where companies pay her to test their products and services. She gets paid to shop, eat at restaurants, drink at bars, travel and even play golf. Last month, she made nearly $7,000 from her various freebie adventures. By the end of the year, she could be making more than she did in investment banking, not counting her steady supply of handouts.

She gets free gas, free groceries and free clothes. When her car breaks down, she gets paid to have it repaired. She can make $75 for test-driving a Land Rover, $20 for drinking at a bar and $25 for playing arcade games (she keeps any winnings). Golfing is her latest passion, and in addition to playing on courses around the country free of charge, she gets free food and drinks and gifts from the pro shop..."

Click here for full article

It's not guaranteed that you will make $7,000 a month from mystery shopping.  You probably won't, unless you take it really seriously.  But it does go to show that people DO make good money mystery shopping, and that even $7,000 a month is possible.

Why would companies want to
pay someone this much money to shop?

Mystery shopping is the latest services evaluation tool employed by the business owners to evaluate the service delivery at their business establishments. Nowadays, customer behavior is very unpredictable and to maintain good customer relations, gaining customer loyalty has become a tightrope walk. Many customers would not complain if they dislike something at an establishment, they simply walk away. The establishments rarely come to know of the reasons why they have lost a precious and potent client.

Mystery shopping helps the business owners and the management to get information, which they require to improve their businesses.  And the money they pay you, the mystery shopper, for this information is peanuts compared to the money they will make by applying this information to make their customer service better.

Which companies hire mystery shoppers?

All the business establishments that have a customer service factor employ the services of the mystery shoppers. Specifically the mystery shoppers are employed by retail chains, restaurants, fast food outlets, department stores, health clubs, beauty parlors, salons, hotels and resorts, amusement parks, movie theaters, clubs, casinos, gymnasiums, etc..

Here is a lit of just some of the popular companies that employ mystery shoppers:

  • Taco Bell
  • Macy's
  • GAP
  • Red Lobster
  • K-Mart
  • KFC
  • McDonalds
  • Hilton Hotels
  • Marriott Hotels
  • NIKE
  • Disney parks
  • Target
  • Burger King
  • Banana Republic
  • And much more, too many to list here.

The fact is, the demand for mystery shopping is huge.  These companies are desperate for new mystery shoppers,  and they're willing to pay big money for you to come and eat, shop, and enjoy their establishments.  The same companies you shop at right now, and spend your money on, actually want to pay you for doing what you already do.

Now is the best time to get into the lucrative and FUN "career" of mystery shopping.  And to get you started, we've put together a complete, step-by-step guide to mystery shopping success.


Paid 2 Shop -
The Secrets Of Mystery Shopping Exposed

This guide is all you need to get started and learn everything you need to know about mystery shopping.  It's 121 pgs. of pure gold, no hype, no fluff mystery shopping info.  Here is just a small sample of what you'll learn inside "Paid 2 Shop":

What Mystery Shoppers Really Do!

Qualification of Successful Mystery Shoppers.  Hint: almost anyone qualifies, but there are a few things the companies look for in a perfect mystery shopper.

The best way to get started.  Getting you prepared and ready ASAP.

How to Apply to a Mystery Shopping Company & Get Your First Assignment in Just One Week

How to Make Your Application Look Better Than the Hundreds of Others that A Company Might Receive

Insider Tips for New Mystery Shoppers.  Follow these tips and you will become a successful mystery shopper with fatty paychecks.  

Making the Most Amount of Work in Least Amount of Time - How Can You Maximize Your Mystery Shopping Income

How to Do a Shopping Job.  What to look for on your assignments.  How to Look Like a "Real Shopper" and Not a "Mystery Shopper" While You Are Shopping. How to write the best reports. And more valuable tips...

Caution: Things You Might Be Doing Wrong In Your Mystery Shopping Work!  You need to know these to make the most money.

Expert Advice from Successful Mystery Shoppers and Mystery Shopping Companies.  The big money earners share their tips. 

What to Do When You Are Not Getting Paid.  How to handle this tricky situation and come out on top.

Mystery Shoppers Income Drainers, And How to Avoid Them. 

Low Paying Mystery Shopping Jobs- Should I Be Accepting These Assignments?

Current Mystery Shopping Trends

Tips & Tricks. How Professional Mystery Shoppers Do Their Best Mystery Shop Evaluations

How to Work With Multiple Mystery Shopping Companies.  The secret to making big money in mystery shopping.

The Business of Mystery Shopping. How to Keep Those Higher Paying Assignments Coming In

Opportunities for Teen Mystery Shoppers

How To StartYour Own Mystery Shopping Business

The Best Mystery Shopping Companies to Work For

And that's not all.  We're just getting started.  When you order "Paid 2 Shop", you will also gain instant access to:

Secret Mystery Shopping Websites

Money Making Opportunities and Resources for Mystery Shoppers

Free Mystery Shopping Newsletters & Sources for Weekly Job Leads

Mystery Shopping Assignment Logs For Weekly Scheduling

Sample Assignment Reports with Typical Questions and Answers

Direct Links to Over 100 Reputable Mystery Shopping Companies

Educational Programs for Mystery Shoppers

This is an all-in-one, complete mystery shopping resource guide.  When you get "Paid 2 Shop", you will not only learn everything you need to know about mystery shopping (how to get started, how to approach each company, how to carry out each assignment, etc).  But you will also gain access to extremely valuable resources and links like the direct links to over 100 of actual companies that hire mystery shoppers.  Some other people charge $20 a month for these resources alone.  You get them all here as part of this guide.

So if you want to get into the lucrative and fun business of mystery shopping, and you want to start getting paid to shop, eat, go to the movies, etc., this is the guide for you.

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